Short term, a brand sales than B brand, elated. Long-term competition, a brand market share of the quality and quantity is much lower than the B brand, because a brand in the care
Although the face of the customer to describe the moving face of the customer "experience", but Cartier bracelet replica customers themselves will not do, easy to cosmetics will be discarded, B brand customer base on the use of cosmetics skills deep "body
Will "themselves to dress themselves, little things, run out of the rationale for buying.
"Experience" service but "experience" marketing the most fait accompli, we further analysis of the reasons, a brand concerned customers "buy" part, B brand concerned about the customer "with"
The process, buy "buy" a few minutes, so that "use" to life, a brand of consumers to buy the process of attention, can only lead to consumer recognition of the transaction link, B brand tight lock on consumption
The brand can only be "money change goods, goods become money", tired; B brand can be "changed the name of Lee, Lee changed its name," the name of the brand,
I believe the future trend of women's apparel industry, is the "experience of marketing" primer, "experience transactions" debut of the times! . .
The lowest cost the most effective style of clothing marketing
Marketing, the word sounds like a big sense of thinking, in recent decades of economic development, good marketing strategy for Cartier love ring replica many companies to become the winner. Indeed, no matter how your business production
Of the product, first of all you want to sell, no marketing, how the customer awareness, by slowly accumulating customer knowledge can be said to be a waste of resources!
Clothing enterprise marketing will be different because of the stage of enterprise development, the introduction of a number of marketing methods to increase market acceptance. Many brands are also to join, agents
For a variety of resources for public relations activities. However, many brands of marketing activities for the promotion of terminal stores to enhance the performance of the method but there is always a feeling of thirsty water does not understand thirsty!
Clothing goods to buy, has its unique characteristics. For example, to seek out the difference, no matter how good the key is imitation Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet for themselves, because the development of the industry in order to buy any clothing goods optional
Choose the space is very large, shop around, love more than love brand models, each time to buy clothing do not like to repeat and so on. In this end-consumer perspective on apparel marketing, too
We sold in style of clothing product.
Clothing style marketing is every dealer, each Purchasing Guide can do, and is most likely to immediately improve the performance of a way to see the results. Said marketing a bit big,
But does not belong to the sales method, the scope of the promotion!