Gold and silver replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry production process both traditional Chinese craftsmanship, such as filaments process, bluing process, engraved craft, craft Kingfisher, abortion process, Mongolia inlay technology, flat fill crafts; there are modern machining processes such as casting process , stamping process, electroforming crafts.
A, fake Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry filaments process
Gold and silver filigree process is to be processed into yarn, and then twisting, pinch flowers, filler wire, heaps of gold and silver jewelry and other means to make the process of fine gold. The decorative different parts can be made of different patterns of filaments, the arch wire, bamboo silk, silk and other wheat, production methods can be divided into a pinch, fill in, save, welding, heap, barrier, weaving, knitting, etc.
1, filigree groove is to use filaments made of pinch made plum, peony flowers, birds, dragon and phoenix, pavilions and other patterns.
2, filler wire is a good summary of tie flat filaments fill in the outline design. Commonly used types are filling the arch wire, filled petals.
3, save welding is made of patterns pieces together, composed by welding process complete jewelry.
4, with heaps of charcoal heap method code on charcoal-shaped wire around the uniform, base a variety of shapes and with a small screen Sift the powder, good welding process.
5, knitting is woven knit purl patterns and different body edge shading, shading and then stick on a different flower-shaped patterns in various process methods made by welding is completed.
Two, copy Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry engraved craft
Engraved processes typically use various shapes of steel chisel with a hammer gold and silver in bar form the surface of the fire after the steel chisel hammer pattern. Engraved with a chisel craft, carving and other methods to grab design patterns, design patterns which Regards a shallow depth, rich artistic appeal.
Three, Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry knockoffs bluing process
Bluing process known as Blue Point technology, and Kingfisher process similar, Cloisonne. Bluing process is not an independent type of work, but as auxiliary types of jewelry to adorn, decorate, increase the color out of the United States and now the jewelry industry.
Four, Van Cleef & Arpels imitation Jewelry mosaics
Damascene process known as solid inlay process to hammer saw, pliers, file, cut the main, it is a whole process of forging a gold after hammering, sawing patterns formed part, filing welded into light. Processing procedures are as follows:
1, components were made: the fire after several prime raw material components having a pattern by sawing method, floral way scrolling method, filing methods.