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Pearl cleaning and maintenance aspects need careful care

Sunday, December 3, 2017 12:48:37 AM America/Los_Angeles

People love the little girl called the pearl, as the general daughter of pearls, pearl jewelry is the collection of women’s favorite jewelry, pearl cleaning and maintenance aspects need careful care.

1, need air
Do not put pearls in the safe for a long time, do not use plastic bags sealed. Pearls need fresh air, every few months will come out to wear, let them breathe. Such as long-term in the box pearls tend to turn yellow.
2, bead chain maintenance
Do not hang the beads long for a long time, and the lines will be deformed for a long time.
Long beads will be in the line between the beads to make a knot, after all, a Cartier nail bracelet replica good idea. This practice prevents beads and beads from rubbing. Even if the line is broken, can guarantee that the beads will not be scattered everywhere you will only lose a grain of fills.
3, 3 years for the line
Pearls are best to re-string every 3 years, of course, depending on the number of wear may be. Into the beads of small holes will produce friction, so that the nylon line broken, broken position close to the button where the force.
4, away from the kitchen
Pearl surface with tiny pores, it should not be allowed to inhale the air in the dirty matter. Pearl will absorb hair spray, perfume and other substances. So do not wear beautiful pearls to send hair, in the kitchen should be careful. Do not wear beautiful pearl cooking, steam and fumes can penetrate the pearl, make it yellow.
5, sheepskin wait
After wearing pearls (especially in the hot days) to be wiped out after the pearl clean. It is best to use sheepskin, do not use tissue paper, because some of the friction will be pearl paper wear.
6, not near water
Do not clean the pearl necklace with water. Water can enter the beads of small holes, not only difficult to dry, may also make the inside fermentation, beads may also turn green. Such as wearing a lot of sweat when you can use a soft wet towel carefully wiped, dried and saved.
Seawater pearls with its large quality and well-loved, and now good quality sea water beads to grams of price, and even the price than gold, then, how to distinguish the true and false market in the cohabitation it? There are several ways.

1, feel:

Really: feel cool, cool. Fake: feel a sense of creamy.

2, bite the law:

Really: teeth bite no sense of smooth, often a sense of concavity, sand feeling. Fake: teeth bite a sense of smooth, hard bite coating partial fall off.

3, intuitive method:

Really: a natural multicolored light, the shape of the difference. False: shape mostly imitation Cartier love bracelet spherical, iridescence, gloss is very uniform.

4, sniffing law:

Really: mild heat tasteless, mouth breath, the surface was steam mist. False: mild heating smell, mouth breath with water vapor.

5, zoom observation method:

Really: the surface texture, can see the formation of calcium crystal state. False: can only be rich and elegant to egg shell like a more uniform coating.

6, the rebound method:

Really: the South beads from 60 cm high on the glass. Rebound height of 35 cm. Fake: under the same conditions, imitation beads of the reverse jump.

7, polarized light observation method:

Really: almost full or translucent. False: The transparent layer is not a uniform ring

8, fluorescence method:

Really: Nanzhu generally issued a light blue fluorescent. False: generally no fluorescence.

9, check hole method:

Really: view the hole at the hole, because of hard in the drill at the sharp look. Fake: soft, the mouth will appear concave hidden situation.

Another note:

1, friction: two pearls gently rub each other, there is a rough feeling, and false pearls are sliding feeling.

2, drilling: observation of drilling is clear and clear, false beads of paint accumulation of pigments.

3, color: the color of each pearl are slightly different, in addition to their own color but also with color, but the color of each of the fake beads are the same, and only the character, no color.
Pearl jewelry has six fear:
1, fear of water
Must not wear pearls bath, exercise, water from the bead (especially the imitation Cartier love jewelry necklace and hit the whole hole wear chain style) to the beads, due to beads and beads of water swelling degree of different, and easily lead to bead Divorced. And the residual moisture is also easy to hair in the beads, further damage the bead. If the pearl once exposed to moisture for a long time, it should be dry with a dry cloth to dry it, and then put the place where the ventilation dry.

2, afraid of boring
Do not put a long time in the sealed jewelry box, even if the winter is also separated from time to wear out, let it breathe, long storage but easy to make pearls yellow.

3, afraid of acid and alkali
Pearl is a special crystalline form of calcium carbonate, case of acid and alkali easily decomposed. Do not wear pearl under the kitchen, because the fumes are acidic; do not wear pearls make-up, perfume, mousse, nail polish this type of cosmetics on the pearl damage is great, the correct order is the first make-up, and then bring On your beautiful pearls. Also often with a soft dry cloth to wipe your pearls, do not let sweat or body of oil secretion for a long time to stay in the pearl surface, because these substances are acidic.

4, afraid of hard
Although the pearl layer has a certain density and hardness, but compared with the metal is still far worse, so do not put it and some sharp objects together, so as not to scratch the beads.

5, afraid of heat
Long time high temperature, will accelerate the decomposition of beads. Remember not to pear the pearl for a long time, or stored in high temperature places. When stored, apply a clean soft cloth wrapped in a cool place, the best storage temperature is 18-26 degrees.
6, fear of power
Pearl jewelry storage should be careful not to have heavy objects overwhelmed, resulting in scratches, wiping the necklace can not pull the necklace hard, so easy to pull the thread or cut off the threading.

K gold Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet replica price

Thursday, September 7, 2017 9:20:57 AM America/Los_Angeles

K gold fake van cleef bracelets in the style can be divided into trendy and traditional, we can choose according to their own preferences to choose. Trendy jewelry is to adapt to the development of the times, knock off van cleef bangle jewelry has begun to be more distinctive, more stylish and colorful, like some simple and generous smooth bracelet, exquisite hollow design and staples bracelet these are very subject to Welcome style, and the traditional dragon and phoenix Chengxiang, auspicious clouds and other patterns of bracelets represent a good meaning, this type of k gold bracelet for marriage jewelry or give the elders at home.

K gold bracelet use different skills are different, in the purchase of replica van cleef and arpels bracelet you need to pay attention if you want to wear your own, then you can choose simple style bracelet, because too complicated bracelet in daily life to wear It is very inconvenient to do things. If you are to give the newlyweds can choose a symbol of good marriage pattern bracelet, if it is given to the elders of the family, the classic longevity of the jewelry pattern is your first choice, we must not choose the wrong when you buy.

K gold van cleef & arpels bracelet replica generally how much money At present, many businesses sell 18K rose gold is also calculated by the weight of the price, and many brands according to the process to calculate the price, which will suffer in the inside. Therefore, to the customer presents the greatest benefits, the price of transparent k gold Van Cleef & Arpels bracelets and other jewelry business is the best choice.

According to k gold copy van cleef bracelets weight and craft simplicity, the price can be about two thousand or so million. Especially the marriage series k gold bracelet, relatively heavy, complex process, generally around million. Of course, if you choose a well-known gold bracelet brand, then the price will be more expensive, because you want to add k gold bracelet brand value-added.

cartier love ring witness for Seven years of itc hanniversary

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 12:42:31 AM America/Los_Angeles

There are a lot of people into the marriage of people, will be the most important moment of life to forget, wedding anniversary, Xiao Bian for everyone to share a “seven years itch” anniversary is how to spend! Share: wedding anniversary there are a lot of people into the marriage of people, will be the most important moments of life to forget, wedding anniversary, Xiao Bian for everyone to share a seven years of itchy anniversary is how to spend! Wake up in the morning, her husband mysteriously said to me: wife, want any gift ah? As long as I can buy, and today to meet you. My husband never so generous, I disdain back to him: your head color? He solemnly asked me: Do not you know what day today? I tried to remember: Today, I do not seem to have customers Birthday ah! Is our wedding anniversary of the 7th anniversary of her husband said helplessly, I really served you, every customer’s birthday you remember very clearly, turn you do not know. I laughed, a look of happiness copy cartier love ring.

7 years ago today, I became a happy bride. Single unrestrained, into a pot and pans of the trivial complex, I was very suited to, but also because of trivial little things with her husband quarrel, but he told me every time. He knows my man knife mouth, tofu heart, but also know that I work hard. Married for seven years, he silently doing my behind-the-scenes supporters. Do service industry, overtime is a normal phenomenon. Son just over one year old night, I went to get off work, just to go, the arrival of the counter. So I and my colleagues to more than a dozen boxes finished finishing, is already more than nine. I rushed home, to see her husband holding the child in the back and forth, his mouth also hummed his invention of the tune of the lullaby. Look at me full of apology, but he comforted me: you tired? First break, the child has been crying, may be hungry, rushed milk also do not drink. I thought humming a small tune he would not cry I took the child, the nose sour, alas, my lovely husband ah! Time flies really fast, blink of an eye we have been married for 7 years. 7 years, almost every wedding anniversary I have to work overtime. So I said to her husband: buy a gift to avoid it, do not have to go to the hotel to eat, you give me a few good dishes on the line! Husband pleased to agree copy cartier ring.
One day busy down I subconsciously look at the table, Oh, it is already 8 o’clock in the evening, with the old time has passed two hours. Hurry to change clothes, open the phone, the screen shows 19 missed calls and a short message, is her husband. SMS wrote: wife, today snow, the road is very slippery The food is ready. I am waiting for you at the north gate. I fly also went to the north gate. Her husband stood in the snow, the two ears were cold, he held a bunch of lilies, Han Han smiled at me. My eyes are moist, and a trace of warmth from my heart filled my heart and my dear, in fact, the anniversary does not need so many tricks, you put it in the heart is very good! copy love ring cartier Happiness as a person drinking water, cold and warm self knowledge!

Posted in cartier jewelry copy, By Bell

What Van Cleef & Arpels necklace replica good looking

Monday, September 4, 2017 1:07:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

Necklace is a glimpse of the glimpse of the charming landscape, a woman born to the beauty of this point can never be changed, beautifully designed van cleef arpels necklace replica and sexy clavicle can only be used with the perfect. What van cleef necklace fake look good everyone has a different answer in mind. Confident fashion trend, so that you gestures between rumors of rumors, the eyes condensate condensate.

van cleef and arpels necklace knock off look good, Van Cleef & Arpels one of the most romantic jewelry brand, Van Cleef & Arpels platinum necklace exquisite wild, sparkling, single wearing elegant and charming, with pendants more refined. Jewelry is the spirit of each woman’s cosmetics, unique character, personality reveals a little bit of strong, publicity of women’s self-confidence charm. Kelan rose gold to lead the new trend, rose gold necklace design simple and powerful shape full of tension, wrapped with full of fashion, Variety is your style, self-confidence is your weapon, fashion is your soul.

replica van cleef necklace look good, copy van cleef and arpels necklace fashionable avant-garde elements designed in the necklace, so that no matter where you are still blooming charm style. Kelan necklace will be the inspiration of nature used in jewelry design, through the exquisite craft details reflect the “value of aesthetics” to create beautiful and meticulous, lightweight. Stacked fashion style, showing the elegance of women, soft personality.

Do you want to have a cheap bvlgari necklace

Saturday, September 2, 2017 3:02:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

What is the difference between gold clavicle necklace and imitation bvlgari b zero1 necklace white gold? In general, the ordinary imitation bvlgari b zero1 pendant longer than the gold clavicle necklace, gold clavicle necklace is to highlight the neck clavicle and designed out.Necklace is a wide range of meaning, the chain of clavicle is a necklace, usually very short just to wear a locked position to bring out the good collar clavicle.

And a little longer bulgari diamond necklace replica can show your sexy. The clavicle chain is a kind of necklace. Clavicle chain, jewelry necklace of a kind, hanging necklace at the clavicle. The purpose is to bring out the beautiful sexy clavicle. The clavicle chain is shorter than the normal bulgari diva necklace replica, about 35 to 38 cm between it. What is the difference between a gold chain necklace and a normal necklace? In terms of value, both prices are about the same, the specific difference, the need and the brand as well as the price of the craft to decide. The above is about “gold clavicle necklace and
necklace bulgari replica What is the difference?”

A good memory for you! A love cartier bracelet copy give you! A long love to you!

Saturday, September 2, 2017 2:57:09 AM America/Los_Angeles

Three cartier love bracelet for sale fake, three hearts, three heart children together. That’s mine, yours, and her! Long time feelings, after all, to bear in mind. How can I be forgotten?

That cartier love bracelet sale fake is not just tied to the three hearts, but also miss the yoke, destined to be a pain and good memories, remember it, remember it! Forget it, forget it, willing, willing to. That piece of imitation cartier diamond love bracelet, after all, without a trace, wrapped in a circle in his hand, in my mind a confused, in the heart off all, even black and blue, but also to give it a position, this is a debt, not finished Love debt, I doomed to life for that period of shallow love and survival, how can I complain?

Are you confused? Helpless, right? This one situation, not you can afford, and will not be attached to your views, which is for you, you are destined to give others, this is the mission ah! You are destined to infect others, let others know that
imitation cartier love bracelet on sale in the memory, I want to shallow singing, a faint description, at the same time, but also to deep memory, how can I struggle?

Miss is a feeling, the moon is a miss. In this world, the mysterious fairy, the three magic seeds will be thrown into the world, thrown into all the barren land, crooked melon split seed is destined to only a foil, and that indifferent Feelings, the ordinary attitude, the original belief, but also destined to infect all things, the feelings of these three seeds, one by three
bracelet cartier love replica absorbed, mysterious, sadly, a touch of light, destined to illuminate the whole of all, The magic light, how can I resist?

fake Van Cleef & Arpels Mr. Bos finished manuscript

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 12:30:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Mr. Bos is finalized people, someone after all, has to do it. Each model has its project at best, is not easy to choose, at this time, which finalized the basic examination is whether the design close to the original source of inspiration, whether to convey the purest the theme wants to express. Then determine further whether the design of new ideas, if it is unique, if there is a single point of view, meets the specific decoration needs worn. Finally, consider a whole series of configurations for the whole series, the work is complex and there are some beautiful, some works are small and delicate, both are indispensable.

Replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry Every new version we will see a lot of the history of the design project of the show. Van Cleef & Arpels has retained the entire original design project, there are more than 100 years of design archives, these are the most important treasures. When the team wanted to make a new series, the designer will review the history of the archives was designed to ensure that the new design continues the consistent aesthetic style, of course, a source of permanent inspiration. It is estimated that there are about fake Van Cleef & Arpels 1000 design project every year, in general, has accumulated over 10 million copies of design files.
copy Van-Cleef-Arpels jewelry

Mr. Bos, the Van Cleef & Arpels replica Platinum Advanced jewellery industry is an art creation and aesthetic field, painting, ballet, building inspiration can be integrated into the work, on the other hand, it is a business to meet the needs of the people, we created the United States and pass it on to the client, which is its most attractive place in the jewelry industry.

2017 Cartier love bracelet series of fine jewelry

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 11:03:22 AM America/Los_Angeles

I am a very favorite collection of jewelry, so many years of collection of a lot of classic jewelry. Such as Cartier, Bvlgari, Hermes. Are my favorite. To say my favorite jewelry, it must be Cartier Love Bracelet. This is a very stylish bracelet, has always been my favorite. In many magazines we can see this bracelet figure. And 2017 Cartier will launch a new bracelet.
This piece of sapphire ring comes from Cartier 2017 Cartier love bracelet series of fine jewelry, the designer through the mosaic of purple sapphires, pink diamond and diamonds three different colors of gems, imitation Cartier love after bloom from deep purple to light purple, and finally turned white Different flowering, full of natural poetic.
Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Central main stone for a 14.37ct pillow-shaped purple sapphire, rich and deep color. This purple sapphire in the pillow-shaped cut on the basis of the fancy cutting, Zhuo surface more, so darker gem more bright.
The main stone on both sides of the two half-moon emerald, so that the entire ring form a rounded arc – this “three stone” design in the Victorian period is particularly popular, emerald and sapphire to form a soft color contrast.
Replica Cartier Love bracelet geometric decorative patterns reminiscent of the passage of time, mosaic size gradually round cut diamonds, from the top of the deep pink diamonds transition to light pink, the edge is inlaid colorless diamonds. The name of the ring Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow are the different colors of Jasmine “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.

Imitation Cartier love bracelet is still very suitable for adults

Saturday, July 1, 2017 12:18:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

Cartier bracelet reproduction, a lot of boys will be presented to the girl, to express their love, you can imagine this romantic!

Put this little adolescent association aside, Imitation Cartier love bracelet is still very suitable for adults, cool brilliant combination of colors, fixed crystal claw claws are very dense, making a slight rock style. Not the traditional ring, but will bend into a large semi-circular oval, the volume looks good, but not fixed, feeling very light







The white-collar lindas is fascinated by replica Cartier jewelery but has also trained a pair of eyes. A few years ago, walking on the roadside, the linda still can see: “The Cartier jewelry is false, LOGO upside down.” “The Cartier necklace fake too much, the counter did not come out of this color.

The real price of these prices is about 10% of the Cartier high imitation modulus, because the specific people to meet the vanity, so the demand is huge. A gold replica Cartier love bracelet.

Posted in Imitation Love Cartier Ring By Sally

Online to buy diamond ring to pay attention to what factors

Friday, June 23, 2017 10:24:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

Compared with the physical store to buy diamond ring, online shopping diamond ring has a convenient, time-saving, low price characteristics, but online shopping ring there are some drawbacks, such as can not try on the spot, can not really judge the quality. So online to buy diamond ring need to pay attention to the factors and indicators and offline purchase Cartier love bracelet replica is different. So, what are the factors online to buy diamond ring, should focus on what factors?

Online to buy diamond ring to pay attention to what factors

Online to buy diamond ring need to pay attention to the factors also include the size of the diamond ring, quality, price and other factors. But in addition, should also pay attention to the credibility of the platform. Because many consumers are accustomed to some of the comprehensive shopping malls in the flagship store to buy diamond ring, but some of the big brand diamond ring network flagship store and more than one, so we should look at the purchase when the shop’s reputation, look at the consumer The true evaluation. Of course, in addition to a number of integrated network platform to buy diamond ring, but also in some brands to buy the official website, the brand is better than those comprehensive platform.
Online buy diamond ring to see what factors

Online shopping diamond ring to look at the diamond ring style, size is in line with their actual needs, as well as the quality of diamond ring. Because online shopping diamond ring can not directly try on, there is no way to visually determine the quality of diamonds. Want to ensure that the size and style of the diamond ring in full compliance with their own requirements, consumers can customize the official website of a diamond ring, because the real name diamond ring can be entirely based on their own image and temperament, as well as the actual needs of consumers to customize.

Online shopping diamond ring want to ensure quality, the most basic point is to choose the right platform, and then need to let the platform issued a professional invoice, and with the relevant certificate, including the diamond inspection certificate and gia certificate. It is best to allow businesses to issue a quality assurance and after-sales service agreement.
Other considerations to buy diamond ring online

Online to buy diamond ring in addition to the election on the platform, clear needs, but also should pay attention to check the merchant’s shipping address, look at the merchant’s shipping address is real deposit. In addition, online shopping diamond ring should also pay attention to the safety of personal information. Do not easily disclose some of the privacy of personal information to the business.

Online buy diamond ring What are the factors, through the solution I believe we have to understand, online to buy Cartier love ring replica diamond ring and the store to buy diamond ring should pay attention to the factors almost, but the online shopping diamond ring need to focus on the credibility of the business, diamond ring size and style is appropriate.
A lot of young people, before the wife to marry him, will be ready to buy a diamond ring, in the ceremony to express their true love, and through the ring to pass her own promise. Of course, these young people, there is a very large proportion is just out of the campus, into the community of emerging society, their economic capacity is not particularly strong, but does not affect their vision for future life. Xiao Bian recommended this type of consumer to buy 30-size diamond ring to give love, both to express their minds, and will not cause too much pressure on life.
Three-line brand of 30 points diamond ring the cheapest: only need about three thousand dollars

About three thousand dollars to buy diamond rings, almost just work young people a month’s wages, of course, a month’s wages can not be used to buy all the rings, after all, but also to eat and live. Save two months of money, and then buy a price of 30 points of the diamond ring, is a good choice. Currently on the market a lot of third-line brand, did not enter the mall, to avoid the high approach fee, but their own business in the bustling commercial street shop, the price is very advantageous above. Of course, about three thousand yuan of diamond rings in the quality can not make too high requirements, just as jewelry to wear, or more than enough.
Second-line brand of 30 points diamond ring best-selling: the average price of 10,000 yuan or so

Xiaobian said here in the second-tier brand, refers to the Chow Tai Fook, Levi Si, Xie Ruilin and other second-tier brands, their diamond ring can not be the cheapest, but with the diamond ring to face consumers, Before the after-sales service, and product protection. Xiao Bian suggested that if the economic capacity is slightly better, choose the second line brand of 30 points diamond ring is the best oh. These brands of 30 points diamond ring price is usually about ten thousand yuan, the fineness of the diamond ring is justified, will not let you in the party or the crowd is too out of hand, is the most consumers choose the price.
First-line brand of 30 points diamond Cartier nail bracelet replica ring the most expensive: 100,000 yuan or so prohibitive

The international first-line brand to sell the diamond ring, only a small part of the diamond ring itself is the value of more first-line brand to give the diamond ring in the brand value, if it is a foreign brand, then there are high luxury taxes , International logistics costs, etc., these costs have already exceeded the price of the diamond ring itself. The international first-line brand of 30 points diamond ring, sold around 100,000 yuan is a very common situation, but there are many consumers as a loyal fan of these brands, will spend high prices to take them home.

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